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HUALONG HLSQ-700 otomatik kızılötesi taş testere kesme makinası mermer kesici ucuz fiyat

Infrared Automatic Bridge Stone Cutting Machine

HLSQ-700is mainly used for granite, marble cutting, with many advantages such as rational construction, steady movement, high accuracy, convenient installation and maintenance. Compared with similar products, the advantages are obvious. It is a very important and common equipment in stone processing equipment.

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  • HLSQ-700

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Automatic Bridge Stone Cutting Machine

HLSQ-700 adopts PLC microcomputer control, which can control the saw blade to automatically tilt 45 degrees (the chamfering cutting head can also be customized) for bevel cutting. The worktable can be rotated horizontally for 0-360 degrees (and can also be customized to rotate within 0-90 degrees), and the plate can be cut into circles and other shapes by the rotation of the worktable.

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1. The linear guide adopts an oil-bath design, which can avoid problems such as rust caused by dust and water splashing. Make sure the linear guide runs smoothly and prolong the service life of the track.

2. The cross beam is made of large and thick cast iron, which has high strength and can ensure that the bridge is prevented from deforming during operation.

3. The specific parameters of stone cutting can be input through the control panel, and the PLC control system can be run with one key, and the system starts to automatically run the stone cutting.

4. Equipped with infrared laser positioning device, the slab positioning is more accurate. Abandon the traditional photoelectric method for positioning.

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